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Why do you need tech support?

Your website has gone through all stages of development. It is now ready and available for all internet users. This means that you have taken a huge step forward toward the success of your business. In the fast-developing online world, however, things can change in a very short time. If you want your website always to run smoothly, you need to put effort into its upkeep.

Technical support includes, first and foremost, ensuring that everything runs flawlessly and restoring the site in case of problems. Another important aspect of tech support is updating content regularly. This ensures that your company’s information is always fresh and up-to-date, so you can start building trust between your brand and its target audience.


Website changes

This includes adding new pages, changing banners or adding elements, such as a gallery, to your website.

New website functions

Improve your website with new payment options, buttons, menu corrections, etc. Improve security by installing an SSL certificate.

Website updates

Your site needs tech support if it requires regular platform, theme or plugin updates. The service also includes regular archive copies and restoring your website in case of trouble.

Protection from hackers

We can ensure that your website is protected from malicious third-party interventions 24/7.



Plan Max gives you access to our support system. It features site and hosting monitoring, as well as small plugin updates. The plan includes up to 2 work hours/month.


Plan Pro upgrades plan Max with small theme updates, content changes, and settings changes (e.g. theme, modules etc.). It includes up to 4 work hours/month, plus 1 hour of third-party communication.


Plan Premium upgrades plan Pro with up to 10 work hours included per month, as well as up to 2 hours for third-party communication.
These plans were developed to include the most in-demand support services. If you are looking for a different set of monthly services, ask us for a custom offer. We will be happy to develop a plan that perfectly suits your specific needs.


Venera Cosmetics

Venera Cosmetics is a Bulgarian brand which provides its discerning and loyal clientele with a wide selection of original designer perfumes. The business boasts an impressive track record: over 30 years of excellence. This is why it cannot afford to have a web site crash. The web support that Tendrik provides ensures that the company’s e-store remains functional and safe even at the peak of promotional events.

Lactima balkan

Lactima is a dairy company which can trace its history back to the 1950’s. Today it is one of the leaders of the dairy industry in Bulgaria. We developed for them a presentational corporate website, which includes a product portfolio, as well as a dedicated recipe section. Our commitment to the long-term success of this project involves regularly updating the system’s core and plugins, as well as backing up website content and fixing any issues that might arise.


Timedix is a brand which sells original watches from a variety of manufacturers and designers. They entrusted us with the development of their online presence – from creating the website and optimizing it for search, to developing and executing a social media marketing strategy. One of the important aspects of this project behind the scenes is the technical support of the e-store. This ensures that even during hectic periods, such as Black Friday and end-of-year sales, the store continues to run without a glitch. Thus marketing momentum can be transformed into an ever-increasing bottom line.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

What does tech support include?

The term “technical support” could include different aspects of a website’s regular maintenance, such as hosting monitoring, plugin, theme, and content updates, backup copies, etc. For the convenience of our clients, we have developed 3 different support plans, which include the most sought-after services.


However, we know that businesses have different priorities. If our subscription plans do not cover your needs, drop us a line, so we can make you an offe curtailed to your specific requirements.

What is not included in technical support?

Some services, which are not included in the tech support subscription plans include:

  • Installing new plugins
  • Speed optimization
  • Change of theme
  • Design changes
  • Adding a new language version
  • Large plugin or theme updates
  • SEO optimization
  • Transferring the site to a different hosting
  • Marketing and advertizing


Bear in mind that, while they are not included in the standard subscription, if you need these specific services, we can do the job! Contact us to request a quote.

What happens if I don’t use up my monthly support time?

The web support subscription allows transferring any unused time to the following month. Unused time can be used up within 1 calendar year. If by the end of the year, there is much unused time, a plan is made to update the website, in order to use the time in the best possible way.

What is the minimum subscription length?

Subscription contracts can be signed for a period of at least 6 months, or longer.

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