Video Marketing

What makes video content so important?

Visual communication has always been a vital part of marketing. With the advancement of technology, video is becoming an increasingly preferred medium. This tendency is not surprising: with retention rates between 54 and 62%, and a 52% increase in sharing, it is easy to see the advantages of this type of marketing in a fast-paced world.

Creating video content is an excellent marketing strategy for any business. Corporate videos can be indexed by Google and contribute to a sizeable increase in traffic. A well-made video can convey your message in seconds and convert a wider audience. We are experts in creating videos, minutely perfected to the smallest detail.


Unique presentation

A corporate video allows you to present your services in a unique, and very memorable way.

Wide audience

Video appeals to everyone. Furthermore, it is the most powerful tool which can evoke an emotional response in your audience.

Diverse applications

You can use your corporate video on your website, on YouTube, for paid advertising on Facebook or Instagram, or even in the waiting room of your office.

Better conversions

71% of marketers claim that video converts visitors into customers better than any other type of content.


Research and discussion

In the preliminary stage, we get to know your business thoroughly. We listen to your ideas, suggest our own and discuss different aspects in depth.

Proposing a plan

On the basis of our first meeting, we propose a plan for your corporate video. Then we clear up any remaining details.

Filming and editing

During the last stage of the process, we film. Then we edit the raw material, making sure that every detail of the final product is flawless.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

What is a corporate video?

A corporate video is much more than just a visual message or a presentation. It is a potent tool for audience engagement. It is the perfect way to present information to your audience in an engaging and exciting way, which the Tendrik team specializes in. Creating a corporate video is a great option for virtually any business, no matter its niche. It is an effective way to increase awareness of your brand. Therefore, corporate video strategy is a key component of any business’s media strategy.

Advantages of corporate video


  • Raising brand awareness – Anyone who sees the video you create will know your company’s vision, culture, goals, etc. A corporate video will set you apart from your competitors.
  • It helps with SEO – Search engines are constantly evolving and can recognize multiple elements in a video. Google’s algorithms increasingly favour pages with video content. That’s why incorporating video into your digital marketing strategy is quickly becoming imperative.
  • Longer user sessions – Video content holds the attention of the audience for a longer period o time. According to Forbes, users spend 88% more time on sites with video content.
  • Keep the engagement – Videos are much more interesting to most users than text content. Why? Because video combines visual and auditory sensations.
  • Increased conversion rates – It has been demonstrated that if images and text are replaced by video in an ad, conversions increase. Video gives a better idea about your products or services, and can make your message truly salient. Studies show that after watching a commercial brand video, people are more likely to trust it.
How long should an effective video be?

The length of an effective video depends on its purpose and the platform where it will be posted. Video ads are typically short, lasting just a few seconds. Tutorials can be longer, ranging from ten to fifteen minutes for complex topics. Behind-the-scenes videos can be even longer, but it’s important to keep them interesting. Different platforms have their own time limits, such as YouTube allowing verified accounts to have videos several hours long, while unverified accounts have a limit of fifteen minutes.

However, when it comes to video, the quality is always more important than its length!

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