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What makes Facebook Ads one of the leaders?

For many years naysayers have been foretelling the fall of Facebook. Yet in 2023 it is still the third most visited website, after Google and YouTube. Every day millions of people spend their free time on this social media platform, communicating with their friends, browsing posts connected with their interests, discussing different subjects, playing games and much more. Facebook has become the focal point which brings together people from around the world, regardless of their age, interests, or background.

Facebook Ads can be used to promote diverse products and services, and achieve various goals. The platform allows for precise user targeting, according to age, gender, location and interests. This means that no matter your niche, your business can definitely profit from advertising on the most popular social media. A well-optimized campaign can reach your target audience and start bringing results within days.


Precise targeting

Using our vast experience and up-to-date knowledge of Facebook Ads, we will devise a precise targeting plan, so you can achieve the results you envision.


Continuous optimization is one of the key ways to make sure you get the best outcomes for the budget you have invested in your Facebook campaigns.


Our design team will create beautiful ads, appropriate to your brand voice and specially adapted to fit the formats required by the social media platform.

Reports and analysis

You receive a detailed monthly report, acquainting you with the results achieved during the period and analyzing future potential.



During the first stage we thoroughly get to know your brand and business model. We research your competitors and come up with creative ideas for your campaigns.


Then we discuss your goals, vision and preferences. We draft a strategy, which is designed to serve as a roadmap and send it for approval.

Implementation and optimization

Finally, we implement our strategy. We continuously monitor the campaigns and optimize them, when we see potential for improvement.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Why do I need an agency to manage my Facebook Ads?

Anyone can try to create and manage Facebook Ads. However, advertising on the most popular social network has its subtleties. And, lacking experience, the time and money you invest do not guarantee success.
The experts at Tendrik are well acquainted with all instruments that Meta advertising platforms offer. We can apply time-tested strategies, adapted to the specifics of your business and target audience. This can become the stepping stone to the success you desire. Our services include:


  •  Audience targeting
  • Advertising costs optimization
  • Monthly monitoring and precise campaign reporting
  • Creating the best possible design for your ads
  • Updating campaigns when necessary

The online environment is extremely dynamic and changes every minute. We follow the news and update our knowledge constantly to be always up-to-date.

What are the most important things I should know about Facebook?
  • There are 2.96 billion users on Facebook
  • About 2 billion of them are active daily
  • Correct audience targeting will lower your price per click
  • 21% of followers like a business’s Facebook page, in order to research its products or services
  • 41% of all users like business pages, in order to receive regular information about the brands
How do I know if my cost-per-click values are good?

Some of the highly insightful information you might compare against are the industry benchmarks that different institutions periodically release. However, no matter your industry or niche of operation, the judgement of whether a value is good enough depends entirely on the specifics of your own business. This is why you should follow closely your key performance indicators (KPIs), and thoroughly analyze all the data you can acquire.

Are my Facebook ads linked to my website?

The short answer is that they can be – depending on your advertising strategy and goals. Traffic coming to your website from the social network can be measured very accurately using a piece of software called Facebook Pixel. This means, that if your campaign includes sending traffic to your website or a dedicated landing page, you can continue to follow your customer’s journey even after they leave Facebook.

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