Case Study: Full online presentation of Agra, Vinaria and FoodTech exhibitions at International Fair Plovdiv

How did we start working together?

Agra, Vinaria, and FoodTech are established international events at the International Fair Plovdiv. Agra is an agricultural exhibition and is the largest economic event for agribusiness in Southeast Europe. Vinaria represents the most prestigious sector of the wine industry, while FoodTech focuses on the food industry. Each year, these three exhibitions are attended by over 40,000 visitors within a span of 4 days, including industry professionals, entrepreneurs, and enthusiasts.

Marketing part

Online Advertising on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Google Display Ads

In 2019, the marketing of International Fair Plovdiv started focusing on its online presence with the aim of increasing the number of visitors and drawing attractive and innovative exhibitors.

To achieve this goal, we took on the task of presenting the exhibition in the best possible way to a wide range of target users.

How did we reach the maximum number of users and exhibitors?

  • We created a comprehensive new visual concept for the three exhibitions.
  • We developed a holistic strategy to reach users online.
  • We created Facebook events and promoted them to engage users.
  • We regularly interacted with users in each of the Facebook events.
  • We created Facebook campaigns to reach audiences for all three exhibitions.
  • We produced multiple creatives, including slideshows, instant experiences, and viral banners.
  • We created graphic videos showcasing the exhibitions.
  • We launched a YouTube campaign, targeting advertising groups based on user interests and exhibition themes.
  • We managed Google Ads campaigns, creating banners in various formats and targeting ads on different websites based on user interests and site topics.
  • We used the Easy Ads platform with specially designed HTML banners for greater user interaction.
  • We managed cross-campaigns across Facebook, Instagram, Google Ads, and YouTube channels.
  • We created two videos featuring our representative, who provided more information about the exhibitions and reasons for users to attend.
  • We maintained constant communication with the International Fair Plovdiv team to stay in sync.
  • As the exhibition approached, we started featuring over 40 exhibitors on social media.
  • Throughout the campaign, we utilized remarketing campaigns on Facebook, Instagram, and Google Ads.
  • We published and distributed media publications about the exhibitions.

We created a new visual concept and combined it to encompass the overall message of the three exhibitions – “From the Land to the Table”. We developed numerous graphic materials and also produced videos featuring our representative.


Facebook and Instagram ads

Thanks to our Facebook ads, information about the exhibitions reached 821,916 people and received 11,211,383 impressions.

How did we achieve it?

  • We created a comprehensive new concept.
  • We used different graphic materials based on our funnel stages.
  • We maintained close communication with our partner – International Fair Plovdiv.

Over a period of three months (a quarterly campaign for Agra, Vinaria, and FoodTech):

  • We created 25 advertising campaigns.
  • We utilized 88 different audiences.
  • We published a total of 116 advertisements.

Website Traffic

Website traffic in 2020 increased by 80% compared to the same period in 2019 (aligned with the exhibition dates). The organic traffic was good – consistent with the values exhibited during the previous year. The double growth in website visits is attributed to social media, YouTube, and banner advertisements. The advertisements also influenced direct site visits, with a 66% increase.

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